Nursing : An Explosive Increase Of Nursing Knowledge Worldwide

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Introduction. There is an explosive increase of nursing knowledge worldwide. The amount of data nurses use and process in the delivery of care continues to increase daily. The advancement in informatics and computer technology have broad implications for this knowledge explosion and can facilitate the collection, manipulation, and retrieval of essential nursing data for practice and research. (AJPH, 1991). The Nursing Minimum Data Set is a standardized tool used for the collection of important nursing data, which are frequently utilized by nurses to provide accurate evidence- based care. This tool enables healthcare providers and nurses to collect and compare nursing data from different sources, with the purpose of evaluating the information gathered to provide more efficient healthcare services to the patients. According to Friedman, (1990), the invisibility of nursing, is a phenomenon identified as a problem of nursing viewed as critical to patient care, and equally regarded as a low profile position. The absence of coded standardized nursing data that are incorporated into electronic databases, contributes to the invisibility of nursing. Nursing procedures were faulted for supporting evidence and lacked supporting research-based evidence. Nursing documentation did not clearly demonstrate nursing’s value and was not easily accessible or measurable. (Sewell & Thede, 2012). Nurses have always been respected healthcare providers, but the value of nursing documentation
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