Nursing And Midwifery Board Of Australia

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Standard 2 Sub-clause 2.2 (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2016). Communicates effectively, and is respectful of a person’s dignity, culture, values, beliefs and rights As a Registered Nurse is a crucial component to ensure that there is effective communication between the nurse and patient. As well as being respectful to the person’s dignity, culture, values, beliefs and rights. This is because everyone is different, and due to this it is important that I am being cautious to each person’s individual needs. During my placement during at an aged care facility, it was an important process to ensure that nursing interventions were carried out to ensure a respectful behaviour of a resident’s dignity, culture, values beliefs and…show more content…
Standard 6 Sub-clause 6.1 (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2016). Provides comprehensive safe, quality practice to achieve agreed goals and outcomes that are responsive to the nursing needs of people It is essential as a Registered Nurse and nursing student to ensure that a comprehensive safe and quality of practice is achieved, resulting in goals and outcomes being met positively improving the nursing needs of people. This standard is important to my scope of practice, as being a nursing student it is for me to ensure goals and outcomes are being achieved to ensure the safety and wellness to those I am caring for. Throughout the duration of my placement is was crucial that there was a safe quality of care being given to the residents. This overall achieving the goal for the residents, which is to maintain or attain the highest possible health and wellness through both short term and long term realistic expected outcomes (Lewis 2010 p.17). During my placement, it was important to set measurable and realistic short term goals for residents for a range of different reasons. These included tasks such as breathing exercises and eating 3 main meals each day. The specific task would be included in the residents’ care plan to ensure all staff members were aware and could document any concerns or changes. I achieved meeting this standard by ensuring that I was talking to and encouraging the residents to perform the task. It is an important process that
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