Nursing And Midwifery Council Code

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This assignment will discuss how the Nursing & Midwifery Council Code (NMC) of Conduct can guide provision of a person centered care in every day nursing practice. The writer will define person centered care, describe in detail the four standards that are expected to be set in place from NMC code 2015 which include, prioritise people, practice effectively, preserve safety and promote professionalism and trust. It will also discuss the relationship between the standards set and how these influence person centered care in the nursing profession. The writer will look at how these standards guide and inform nurses in everyday health care and how important they are. The information used for this assignment will be gathered from books, various journals and healthcare related websites to support relevant literature addressed. The nursing and midwifery council code (NMC) 2015 is a code of conduct that contains professional standards of practice and behavior mannerisms that registered nurses and midwifes must adhere too when in practice. It is deemed to be a voice for the public in order to protect them and therefore enlightens the main aim of the NMC which is to ensure nurses meet these standards in order for them to promote effective practice and safe surroundings for their service users. (NMC, 2015). The Royal College of Nursing (2015) believe that the latest report of the NMC code 2015 has been portrayed as being much more effective now, rather than beforehand because they
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