Nursing And The Impact Of The Profession

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Nursing and the Impact of the Profession In my interview with Linda Harmsen , the administrator at a long-term care facility, I discovered that she has a degree in both nursing and business. She decided to become a nurse after her positive experience with the nurses at a hospital in Ottawa when her aunt was going through a miscarriage (L. Harmsen, personal communication, October 23, 2014). From that moment on, her main goal was to become a nurse and she only applied to one school for nursing since she felt that if she was meant to become a nurse, applying to several schools was unnecessary. Needless to say, she got her Registered Nurse license in nursing. However, she also was interested in business and pursued further in her education. Harmsen has experience as a bedside nurse, in retirement, professional practice, and as Director of Care. But, her most enjoyable experiences were in intensive care and project managing. In this paper, the primary focus will be on the impacts of nursing on Harmsen. This will include her thoughts on the good and the bad of the career as well as the strategies she used to conquer any barriers she may have faced. Various articles will be used to support her strategies to demonstrate that it has worked for others. Positive Aspects of Nursing The very first aspect of nursing that Harmsen pointed out was the fact that it was a profession. The fact that nursing has evolved to a point where it is now a respected profession brings many
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