Nursing Application Speech

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I am urging you to reconsider and reinstate me for the session of May 2017. I had a difficult time time the session of May 2016. As result it affected my grades and overall performance suffered. I am not making excuses but life hit me pretty hard during that semester. As I entered as a student at Chamberlain I was ecstatic to be able to follow my dreams to become a nurse. During my first semester, I failed pre requirements and followed the second session and passed successfully. During my first semester I struggled with my significant other who was an alcoholic at the time was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Grant and OSU on three separate occasions for esophageal varices and alcoholism. During that time he had coded and had to be…show more content…
This caused me to have my first nursing class failure. Health assessment one was the second nursing failure.I struggled with the exams and her teaching style. Once I retook those classes with the help of Professor Derrick Orr and the CAS department who helped and tutored me to successfully passed. For NR 226, I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and adult deficit disorder by my primary care doctor. I also found out that I was pregnant which I struggled with emotionally and mentally. I worked with Professor Perkins and Dr. Hunt where I explained the situation to them. I spoke with them on how I could improve on my grades.They did not understand why I was so struggling much with my classes because that was not my normal behavior. During this time I was off my medication for concentration because of the unknown risks for harming the fetus. I began to struggle with my anxiety and concentration. During my first day of clinicals I had a significant amount of bleeding and I thought it was normal symptom after speaking with my clinical instructor who advised me to go the emergency room and call my doctor. They diagnosed me with a threaten miscarriage and a subchorionic hematoma. I was placed on pelvic rest for a short period of time.Throughout the pregnancy I was considered high risk because of constant high blood pressure readings began seeing a fetal medicine doctor at Ohio State Medical Center. During the end of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia after being hospitalized for four days and was induced at 36 weeks gestation. After giving birth to my daughter I was hospitalized again for severe
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