Nursing As A Profession And The Ideal Public Perception

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Running head: NURSING AS A PROFESSION Nursing as a Profession and the Ideal Public Perception Nakeya Barksdale Texas State University NURSING AS A PROFESSION Nursing As a Profession and the Ideal Public Perception Multidimensional and profound, taking on a nursing career is more than simply acquiring an occupation. As explained by Shwartz (1904), “Nursing should always be spoken of and looked upon as a profession” (p. 834). What is a profession? “A profession is responsible for developing and overseeing its standards and for communicating those standards to the public. The public in turn has a right to demand that the profession adhere to those standards” (Fowler, 2015, p.122). Getting a grasp of this definition…show more content…
This paper examines the public perception of nurses and how social media can be both a detriment and a benefit to the career field. In both Cohen’s (2007) & Hoeve et al. (2003) articles reviewing the image of nursing and public perception, both articles expand on the wide range of perspectives on nursing made by the general public. Oftentimes nurses are not recognized for their professionalism instead stereotyped, sexualized, and devalued to “the doctor’s handmaiden” or a “sexy nurse”. Due to these biases and stereotypes, nurses must work even harder to prove that they are indeed a NURSING AS A PROFESSION profession and should be respected as such. Congruent with nursing stereotypes comes gender roles. Naturally, women are the care-takers thus the profession is predominately female, but it should be noted that this predisposition of women taking on this role has too altered the perception of nursing. “Although the number of men in nursing is growing, campaigns and targeted recruitments should be displayed more often to draw more men into the profession” (Cohen 2007). Universally, nursing is known to merely be a science in which mathematical formulas and advanced biology classes are incorporated into a career field and nothing more. As confirmed by the American Nurses Association, while some of the above statement may be true, there is much more to nursing than higher level critical thinking skills. “The nurse must possess competence,
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