Nursing As A Profession Is Guided By Laws, Regulations, And Acts

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Nursing is a caring profession, not only do we take care of the sick and dying, we also look after the social and psychological needs of our patients (holistic care). Nursing as a profession is guided by laws, regulations and Acts. Thus it is paramount for nursing personnel to familiarize themselves with the regulations that guide how they practice within the profession and adhere to them.

Each Unit should have should have a clear, spelled out the vision, mission and a philosophy to act as a guide to what services it offers. These should be visible to the public as they have a right to know what is being offered to them as it is spelled out in the Bantu Pele Principles.

Nurses are faced with challenges daily, these include: shortage of staff, limited resources, increased workload and the public perception of the profession. All these affect how the nurse performs her duties to the public. With all the shortages, he/she must provide the best possible care to her/his patient and the public at large, regardless of Race, Gender or Nationality.

2. Aspects of a Nursing Philosophy

a) Freedom of Choice

Avery nurse is accountable and has a freedom of choice to act responsible. Whatever choice she makes will affect others, his environment and himself. A Professional nurse has the freedom to disagree about the attitudes that adversely affect their patients and the profession and to debate their case accurately. Any choice she makes she is
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