Nursing As A Science And Art

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How nursing considered as a science and an art and discuss how the philosophy of nursing is applied to this definition.
There is no contention that nursing is considered both as a science and art based on the dispensation of services to the community and patients. As a result of that, the paper seeks to explicitly elaborate the same by giving authentic distinction of why nursing is categorically classified on the two dynamics with a reflection of artistic and scientific intellectualism In this case, nursing is defined as an art since it deals with matters of dealing with community and direct support of patients through nurturing spiritual growth physical growth, mental care, and emotional support. These are some of the activities that shields were nursing as an art that is fulfilled in the following perspective of health principles (Nursing, C., Antonovich, J., & Nursing, C., 2016).It allows universal propagation of compassion to other people, caring, equity that is non-judgmental, and cultural sensitivity that are derived from the loquacity of a calling. This implies that no one may be in a position such as medical officers, and practitioners would give credible services to the patients by applying art ideologies during nursing. However, nursing is also considered as a science because of the following. Nursing offers medical and health education to patients in the hospital and the public. Besides that, it also renders the acquisition of medical treatment
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