Nursing Assessment Paper

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The national league for nurses defines critical thinking in the nursing process as “a discipline specific, reflective reasoning process that guides a nurse in generating, implementing, and evaluating approaches for dealing with client care and professional concerns” (Kozier, 2008). This definition is imperative to help a nursing student learn how to think in terms of nursing care. Nursing students must achieve a comprehensive understanding of critical thinking in order to understand the nursing process. The purpose for this paper is for nursing students to learn how to use the nursing process, how to properly document their findings and assessments, and correctly implement APA formatting in a formal paper. HK passed away October 25,…show more content…
According to his chart, HK had to move back to Ohio because he was not able to take care of him self in Las Vegas. He moved in with his daughter, and eventually was in need of too much care to stay with her any longer. He was admitted to the ECF in August but his daughter continued to be his biggest support. She had come to terms with the fact that he was declining and wanted her father to be comfortable. Patient Strengths Although the patient described himself as old and tired, he still had many strengths. The patient kept a positive attitude and was pleasant to be around. He understood that the nursing student was not as efficient as a professional nurse would be while preparing him for the day. HK was never mean or rude, but eventually became very reserved. He followed the directions given to him and obtained an admirable mutual respect between the patient and the nursing staff. After his death, the nursing student asked a nursing aid for some information about HK. She said he was easy going and went with the flow. She said he was never one to cause any problems. This is commendable considering his health status and disease progression. Nursing Diagnosis One Adult failure to thrive related to social isolation as evidence by withdraws from social activities and increased fatigue. Failure to thrive is impaired health of interrupted rehabiliation resulting from illness, disability, lack of resources,
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