Nursing Assessment: The Concept Assessment In Nursing Practice

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The concept assessment simply refers to an act of appraisal, evaluation and judgment (Dossey, Keegan, & Barrere, 2015, 469). In nursing care, assessment is the first crucial step that is carried out to be able collect and analyze information about a client. Assessment involves various issues such as physiological, psychological, spiritual, socio-cultural, life-style, and economic factors. This essay explores assessments in nursing practice and their importance in this field. It also covers models such as biopsychosocial, holistic, nursing process, and Ropers’ nursing model of the twelve activities of living. In addition, it discusses the skills and attributes of nurses that they need to utilize in order to facilitate holistic assessment. What is assessment? Generally, an assessment in nursing involves an evaluation of an individual’s health. It is a key component of nursing practice. It involves collecting and analyzing data in order to plan patient-centered care (Wilson & Giddens, 2014, 1). Assessment is the foundation of the nursing process, involving the collection of subjective and objective data (Weber & Kelley, 2013, 3). Given its nature of importance in nursing practice, nurses should always ensure that they conduct in-depth…show more content…
It involves knowing the patient well by seeking information about their psychological, physiological, cultural, and social status. Nursing assessment is the first thing a nurse is expected to do before continuing with the treatment process. The assessments enable nurses to obtain in-depth information about the client, hence, making it possible to facilitate the healing process. The common models associated with assessments in nursing include bio physiological, holistic, model, nursing process, and the twelve activities of living. Generally, nurse should possess and utilize various personal and professional skills including communication, and clinical decision making among
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