Nursing Bullying Essay

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Running head: IMPACT OF NURSE TO NURSE BULLYING The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Bullying in the Workplace The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Bullying in the Workplace Have you ever been a target of an individual’s cruelty and hatred? It does not necessarily have to be physical, but more like being verbally degraded or publicly humiliated. The effects bullying can have on its victims is something that may last throughout their lives, or something that may end their life(Braithwaite, Hyde, Pope, 2010).We all are well aware of childhood bullying but as evidence shows bullying does not stop on the…show more content…
Nurse bullying is not limited to the new nurses being the victims. Bully behavior is a learned process and a choice. A new nurse might observe and embrace the bully behavior in hopes to fit in a little bit more (Rocker, 2008). Cliques may form on nursing floors which are the vehicles for nurse bullying. Cliques help a bully hide and gain support. It seems easier for people to join the group instead of fighting against it (Rocker, 2008). This is why workplace bullying is a growing statistic. The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Bullying Nurses spend most of their thirteen hour shifts being pulled in multiple directions. After days and days of this happening, a nurse can begin to feel worn down and stressed. There are many nurses that find it in them to stick with it, while others feel overwhelmed and burned out and end up quitting. Nurses already have a stressful job but when you add bullying into the mix, it just becomes unbearable for some (Brown, 2010). Bullying can produce and maintain a poisonous work environment. Nurses who bully can wear down the job satisfaction of their co workers which can result in a loss of productivity and increased absences in the workplace (Stokowski, 2010). Victims of bullying often have a feeling of impending doom and dread when they think about their upcoming work days. Each time the bullying reoccurs, the victims usually
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