Nursing Care: A Concept Analysis

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Concept analysis in the article "Nursing Care: A Concept Analysis" In theory development literature, concepts are the building blocks from which one constructs theories. Concepts are the fundamental building blocks for any scientific knowledge in any field, and the purpose of any concept analysis is to spell out the implication of a given concept of interest using a given approach or methodology (Meleis, 2011). The idea of concept analysis relates to the research blueprint of a philosophical inquiry whose purpose is to carry out research by intellectual analysis in order to spell out meaning. A number of methods exist that one can use in concept analysis including Walker and Avant concept analysis method, which is an adaptation of Wilson's initial 15 steps into eight steps (McEwen and Wills, 2011). In the article, the authors began the analysis by examining a variety of dictionary definitions of the concepts care/caring and nurse/nursing, before proceeding to scrutinize the definitions of caring and nursing as explained in the key nursing models and theories. On the completion of the initial two steps, the authors examined related health literature for application of the term. The authors limited the Allied Health Literature and Cumulative Index of Nursing search to articles available in the English language that had been published in the last six years. The authors also limited the search to articles whose titles contained nursing care. Of the 1,632 articles that the
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