Nursing Care Is Necessary When Self Care Deficit Exists

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In Orem’s theory, nursing care is necessary when self-care deficit exists. The nurse can analyze the reason for the inability to meet self-care need, set a goal and implement necessary nursing intervention. Individuals have the ability to think, learn and function by themselves independently or through others. According to Orem, health is a state of physical, social well being, mental health and not only the lack of diseases. Individuals interact with their environment (George, 2011). The role of nursing in society is to allow individuals to mature and use their self-care capabilities to the extent that they can look after themselves. Sister Calista Roy, viewed person as an adaptive system. According to Roy, stimuli from within human adaptive system and around it represent the internal and external environment. When the demand of the environment is too high or the person’s adaptive mechanism is too low, the individuals personal behavior are unsuccessful for coping. The nurse role is to promote patient’s adaptation and coping mechanism by regulating environment so that individual can adapt and integrate within a supportive healing environment. Health is the ability to meet the goals of survival, reproduction, growth, mastery, and transformation As a result that nurse can assists client in areas of health, well being, value, self, respect, dignity and life worth (Cherry & Jacob, 2005). By promoting adaptation the nurse contributes to the person’s health and quality of life
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