Nursing Care Models Paper. There Are Varieties Of Care

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Nursing Care Models Paper There are varieties of care models in nursing which are based on the fact that various healthcare organizations have different needs, hence the need to model their care delivery to suit their primary objective and mission. In this paper, I have to discuss the most prominent and dominant models that I have observed and they are as listed as follows: The Interdisciplinary Care Model At the healthcare facility where I currently work, one nursing care model I have noticed is the interdisciplinary care model. The nurse manager is directly involved and other nurses in the lower cadre work closely with the case management, rehab, and the dietary department. As stated in our text book, “The interdisciplinary or…show more content…
The rehab unit works in tandem with nurses and patients’ progress are closely monitored, their records updated and shared amongst other nurses within the rehab unit. The patients’ condition or any other issues that may arise are also monitored closely. The seamless communication we exhibit among the various units across different disciplines helped me choose this nursing care model. According to Sullivan (2015), “Interprofessional collaboration is based on the premise that when providers and patients communicate and consider each other’s unique perspective, they can better address the multiple factors that influence the health of individuals, families, and communities. No one provider can do all of this alone.” This is absolutely true that no one healthcare provider can solely take on all aspects of the patient’s care alone. Over time, studies and research have shown that patient’s outcomes and quality of care improve when healthcare providers join together as equals, it also allows for providers to bring their competence and experiences on how we can improve (Naylor, 2011). Functional Nursing Care Model Another remarkable model is the Functional Nurse Care Model, which primarily focuses on tasks to be completed effectively and timely. As stated by Finkelman (2012) and quoted “The model of functional nursing is a task-oriented approach, focusing on jobs to be done.” After the Second World War (WWII), this model of nursing care came alive due
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