Nursing Care Philosophy Essay

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Philosophy of nursing and nursing care Nursing is a nurturing profession, and caring is the core component of this noble profession. Act of caring is what distinguishes nursing from other healthcare professions. Caring is a strong commitment to self, others and the environment, and its deeply rooted in empathy, integrity, compassion, respect, and honesty.
Premise: The act of caring is a genuine devotion to both self and others.
Caring for individuals in need is one of the greatest acts of kindness. However, it is important to care for ourselves first to be able to care for others (Norman, 2012). Self -care is essential for physical and emotional well-being of every nurse. Exercise, health nutrition, adequate sleep, and rest are attributes self-care. Very earlier in my childhood, my parents inculcated values such as kindness, love and compassion for self and others which in turn, influence my practice. Caring is based on treating oneself and others with love, kindness and compassion.
Premise: Caring for the
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Caring for the environment enhances the availability of clean water, food, and pure air, and ensures a place that is conducive for living, learning, healing, and working (Norman et al., 2016). Nurses must shield themselves and their patients from environmental hazards: Especially the elderly, children, and chronically-ill, who are at increased risk for the side effects of environmental hazards (Norman, 2016). In the ICU, I protect my patients from potential environmental hazards by removing unused or discontinued medications, sharps, any equipment’s that are no longer needed in my patients’ room, and thorough hand hygiene. Caring for the environment is building a better future. Nurses and other health care professionals must demonstrate genuine interest in shielding our patients from the harmful effect environmental
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