Nursing Care Plan - Arthroplasty

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Student Name: Dealon Rouse | Patient Initials: JB | Admission Diagnosis: Left Total Knee Arthroplasty &Excision of Left Knee Mass Related to Gouty Arthritis | Date(s) of Care: 11/10/11- 11/12/11 | Age: 46 | | Date of Admission: 11/10/11 | Gender: Male | | Marital Status: Married | Room #: 507 | Code Status: Full Code | Occupation: Electrician | Race: Hispanic | Isolation Type: | Religion: Roman Catholic | | Allergies: No Known Allergies |

History of Present Illness: The patient is a 46-year-old male diagnosed with right and left knee gouty arthritis. The patient in the past has undergone a right total knee arthroplasty. After more than 6 months of severe pain in the left knee, the growth of a mass
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Even though they are most commonly found as hard nodules around the fingers, at the tips of the elbows, in the ears, and around the big toe, tophi nodules can appear anywhere in the body. The patient stated that he began experiencing painful swelling in his right knee over a decade ago. A large mass grew around the knee and he underwent a total knee arthroplasty. Not long after the arthroplasty of his right knee, he began experiencing similar symptoms in his left knee and right elbow. | Diagnostic Procedures * Recurrent severe attacks of gout and the development of tophi can cause permanent damage to the joints. Joint replacement surgery may be required to restore joint function. * Surgery may be necessary to remove tophi that form in a person's joints as a result of gout. These nodules can be uncomfortable and unsightly, and in rare instances cause dangerous infections. The patient has now undergone total knee arthropalsty in both knees and plans to schedule surgery to remove the tophi that have formed in his right elbow within a years’ time. | Treatment (Patients may be instructed to do one or more of the following) * Rest the affected joint(s). * Take NSAIDS, Colchicine, and/or Corticosteroids * Drugs called xanthine oxidase inhibitors decrease production of uric acid by the body. | Reference using APA format *Note

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