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Patient: M.H. 80 year old female experiencing renal failure. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a disease that is described as a loss of kidney function gradually over time. As kidney function decreases, the waste collection in the body’s blood becomes high and makes the individual feel sick. This disease can lead to other complications in the body such as anemia, poor nutritional health, high blood pressure, and nerve damage. These complications will begin to progress and show as CKD progresses to advanced stages. Early detection of this disease is essential when it comes to treatment. If CKD is diagnosed early enough the disease progression can be slowed down and managed. This disease will eventually lead to failure of the kidneys…show more content…
The amount of filtration done by the kidneys will obviously cause negative effects throughout the body if they are not functioning properly. CKD will cause the body to retain many excess fluids and waste that are normally filtered out to prevent internal harm throughout the body. With kidney disease there will be a rise in blood pressure due to the amount of extra fluid that is retained in the blood vessels. This fluid retention will cause the passageways to become narrow and make blood passage through the vessels increasingly difficult, in turn causing an increase in blood pressure. There will also be an increase in protein and blood found in the urine because it is not filtered out properly by the kidneys. Swelling will occur in the extremities and around the eyes because of the fluid retention as well. The longer the urine goes unfiltered the harder it may become to urinate due to pain or blockage or there may be more frequent night time urination (The National Kidney Foundation, 12). There are also a few tests that will show whether or not the kidneys are filtering the body’s fluids as they should. A simple urinalysis can be done to detect protein or blood in the urine. This will alert the medical professionals to a possible problem with the proper functioning of the kidneys. There are also Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), creatinine, and glomerular filtration rate (GFR) tests that will measure the

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