Nursing Care Proposal Form

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Name: Leslie Washington 11-30-17______________ Period: 9__


Research question (with associated project goals if applicable). Include revised question, if needed.
What is the impact of technology on radical empiricism on nurses/doctors sound judgement for the future? (Revised* Technological Nursing Carts vs. Robear Robots impact on patients emotions?)(Re-revised** How does new medical technology affect the elderly psychologically in the 21st century?**)
Goals :
Expand Research
Improve patient engagement
Find solutions
Evaluate without bias
Talk to my experts advisor(s)
Design a project board

Reasons for choosing the topic of interest and research question/project goal. Hippocrates' general standards and in addition a vows not to utilize restorative information to abuse human rights or common freedoms and to hone medication without separation or predisposition. It is significant for nurses or physicians to adhere to these basic principles of the hippocratic oath which is to do the patient no harm.Many healthcare providers have conveyed concern regarding absence of emotion in robots, suggesting that this is the component that will never make human caregivers obsolete(Huston 2013). My gap in research concerns whether patient’s feeling psychologically neglected can be attributable to the distraction of technological nursing carts by nurses. I am interested in technology and the evolution of technology moving forward.I always wanted to change the world
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