Nursing Career As A Licensed Practical Nurse

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Nursing Autobiography I began my nursing career as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) when I graduated from high school. I entered the nursing field at a time that local hospitals were no longer employing LPN’s at the bedside. Therefore, I worked in a nursing home for two years. This was where I learned how to perfect time management, wound care, and medication knowledge. In the nursing home, I developed a fondness for the elderly. I worked with men and woman that entered the nursing home completely oriented, ambulatory, and able to perform most of their activities of daily living. Then, in a fairly short amount of time I watched them deteriorate until I held their hand while they passed away. After two years, I was finally allowed to go to the bedside on a medical surgical unit. As I worked on this unit, I took care of patients with various surgical issues; learning how low blood pressures and low hemoglobin and hematocrits correlate; as well as, high temperatures and high white blood cell counts precede the other. I slowly took classes at the local community college until I received my associate’s degree. Once I received my associate’s degree, I changed pace and began working on an intermediate cardiac unit. This unit allowed me to eventually become a charge nurse, design teaching programs for new graduates and become intrigued with the heart. I eventually began working in a medical ICU and then a trauma burn ICU. This is where I developed the appreciation of the lungs
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