Nursing Case Application Paper

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There are many pros for Joe taking a position on the same unit that he already work as an aid. Joe is familiar with the unit and were everything is located. He knows the type of patients they have. He is familiar with everyone that works on the unit. He has a relationship with his coworkers and physicians. Joe is familiar with the software and equipment used on the unit. The cons for Joe would be he may feel he knows everything about the unit and may not ask for help or advice if needed. This might put his patient at risk. He may not be able to completely transition from aid to nurse. He may think he is higher up the chain than any new nurses that comes in with more experience since he has been there longer. He may look down on his coworkers…show more content…
Is he capable of taking care of critical patients as a new graduate nurse? He needs to reflect on his critical thinking abilities before taking such a highly stressful position. Joe needs to know that he may need more time perfecting his skills and knowledge base. Research has found, that new graduate nurses benefit from some type of residency program before entering in to the work field, especially critical care units (Berube et al., 2010) . Joe needs to make a list of pros and cons of working on his current unit as a new nurse. He needs to list his strengths and weaknesses. Joe needs to reflect on how he handles stress and how well he can solve problems. He needs to ask himself, is this what he really wants to do? There are many issues new graduate nurses face regarding employment. Many new nurses entering into the work field face difficulties in managing their workload and increasing assignments new nurses seems to also lack confidence in their ability to perform their job and stress over not making mistakes (Dermann, 2011). This is why new nurses are encouraged to go through a residency program. This helps them build up their confidence and manage their workload in a less stressful way (Berube et al.,
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