Nursing Case Study

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Dr. Gardner was out last week, so there is not much of an update. Debra Caswell: Meet and greet was on Monday. Natalie went to LBJ and the former contractor is gone. Debra Caswell is off to a great start, so far. She is just for ACS and we will be receiving two extra people. She reports to Pepe and is here for DMV. She has gone through the sites and started fixing things as she sees them. Board Meeting: Strategic planning for the board and Harris Health will take place this month. This pertains to AMS, contracts with assistant vice chairs and vice chairs, contracting with doctors, quality matrix, clinic closures, etc. More information to follow after Thursday. Board asked for critical information, so they would be able to make a firm…show more content…
Would like to repost the position. C. IT Jamie M. We have two standard meetings. The CHW Home Visit meets today. They are supposed to go live on Thursday. A discussion will take place on them getting E11 access to be able to look at case studies. Televox – Discussion on doing wellness messages. Hope Galvan and Jennifer Edwards were sent an email of examples of messages with encounter to show up in epic Jennifer Edwards – Target population of A1C greater than 9. She wants to check it out at one clinic and see how it turns out, even though Dr. Gardner does not like to use just one clinic. Jennifer Edwards was asked to find out what clinic Hope Galvan wants to use. It tickets that are pending – Ryan – one ticket in spreadsheet and is currently being worked on by Susan Fry. She is waiting to find out how the testing did. Krystal – Oxygen Order to be placed into EPIC. Colleen will starting working on work order ticket# 1448368 Madel – Care Team Report – the analyst gave her a work around, but actual function of it is still broken. Christy will the new IT request to the log on the “R" Jack Pending Report Request: Debbie – Open request for a report from Jack. Katie has been helping but has come back with a few questions. Annie – EPA best practice report – open request with Jack for a report. He is already working on it. Julie Young instructed Jamie Mathis, we need to get our requests in to Jack. EPIC report writer was

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