Nursing Case Study Of Carpal Shock

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DOI: 10/3/2014.Patient is a 61-year-old right hand dominant male trailer driver who sustained injury to his right shoulder and right wrist while he was cranking a landing gear when it swung back and hit him in the arm. Per OMNI, he was underwent a right shoulder hemiarthroplasty on 05/18/15.
Per the medical report dated 03/10/16, the patient was prescribed with ibuprofen 800 mg as needed. Patient was also advised to massager the left elbow with Voltaren gel and to engage in home exercises and stretching. EMG of the right upper extremity is recommended to rule out carpal tunnel syndrome and to rule out ulnar neuropathy.
Based on the medical report dated 03/17/16, the patient presents for an upper extremity EMG consultation and reports that the pain has been ongoing since the injury.
He complains of constant left elbow and wrist pain, which radiates from the left elbow to the finger tips with numbness. Pain is rated as 5/10. He takes ibuprofen 800mg with some relief. He reports intermittent numbness into
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On examination, cervical range of motion (ROM) shows mild restriction in all planes.
Carpal compression test is positive on the left.
Shoulder range of motion (ROM) reveals abduction of 120 degrees on the right and 90 degrees on the left. Neer’s test is positive bilaterally.
Impression is left arm pain. The IW has chronic left elbow and wrist pain with radiation from the left elbow to the finger tips with numbness, rule out radiculopathy, ulnar nerve neuropathy, median nerve neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Plan is for upper extremity EMG as there has been failure of suspected radicular pain to resolve after more than 6 weeks, there is suspicion by history and physical examination findings that a neurologic condition other than radiculopathy may be present instead of or in a addition to radiculopathy (rule out peripheral
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