Nursing Case Study

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Nursing Case Study Interdisciplinary Team The first issue and one that must be settled early on is that of possible abortion. The mother and father have both said that they are not going to allow that to happen because of personal religious beliefs, but it is important to ask again prior to starting any other consultation. Once this is settled, most likely negative as parents who follow the Catholic tradition are staunch defenders of unborn fetuses, the team can discuss with the parents the issues that they may face, and what can be done for the baby and themselves. The team will be made up of three people besides the nursing case worker who have particular expertise in some area that is pertinent to this case. No member is more important than the others and the session will be arranged and facilitated by the case manager. All questions that the parents have after the consultation can filter from the case manager, as central contact, to the various resources needed. The first team member is a physician who works specifically with infants who have contracted genetic diseases. In Chicago, it should be simple to find a specialist who fits this description. This individual will discuss, during the teaching plan section, the symptoms, treatments, and prognosis for the child. This individual will also answer any questions the couple has from the medical side of the issue at hand. The second team member is a social worker whose task will be to "assist the family in

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