Nursing Case Study Second Stroke

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Hypertension; no previous stroke, cancer or diabetes

Heart diseases from maternal side; lung diseases from paternal side. No previous stroke, cancer or diabetes.

Stroke: Left Parietal Intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH). Admitted in the hospital on the 20/02/2016. Reported as a sudden onset right weak side, occurred while being out celebrating a friend birthday's.
Currently under treatment in a stroke rehabilitation ward.

Currently in a hospital setting, mobility impaired, need assistance for transfer.
English as a first language; due to the stroke slow and slurred speech; no hearing aids or spectacles.

Active smoker-10 cigarettes per day since the age of 24. No other significant breathing problems.

Usually no breakfast, sandwiches and fast food such as burgers, fish & chips; plenty of
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He fears to not being able to mobilise independently or to go out with his friends; he is afraid to became bed bound and to develop pressure sores or depend on carers; to be a bourden for his daughter.

To support his recovery and to enhance the potential of rehabilitation John was advices to stop smoking. Was explained the potential for a second stroke to occur which is usually led to a greater level of disability or to death.

To reduce the alcohol intake . Explained the stroke he had a few days ago has increased his alcohol sensitivity and to reduce the amount of coffee to maintain a low hypertension.

To maximize the potential for recovery, a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables needs to be considered. To avoid snacks and fast food such as burgers, fish & chips and to consider cooked meals as an alternative. Explained that the amount of salt needed to be reduced as well.

While in hospital, but especially after discharge, moderate-intensity exercises starting with walking -around 20-30 min a day is highly recommended to maintain a good blood flow and for a good functioning of the
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