Nursing Community And The Utilisation Of The Discipline

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Health care is one of the most used commodity of people in today’s generation, as health issues changes and gets complex, multi faceted health interventions are needed to address the issues and ensure effective care. Changes in the health care demands and delivery system have driven clinical practitioners to provide improved intervention and meet complex demands in the care setting. It is expected of them to practice appropriately to attain optimum results towards patient care. For them to function efficiently, intervention should be justified with research and proven effective before integrating an intervention to the care plan of an individual. In Today’s health care system, health care providers needs to conform with up to date data to reduce occurrence of mishaps in the care setting and practice with accountability. The author believes that nurses are currently using evidenced based practice in order deliver effective interventions towards patient care, in today’s health care setting. This essay will initially analyse evidence-based practice in the nursing community and the utilisation of the discipline. In the next part, the author will examine the attitudes of the nurses and challenges in applying the discipline as well as provide solutions where appropriate.

Evidenced based practice is a vital element in nursing. It is a process that includes research and patient preferences to achieve a optimum results towards the care provided. Cullen & Adams, (2010); Beyea &…
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