Nursing Competency Development

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Write a one-page reflection, 2-4 paragraphs, respond to the following questions in order to analyze your preparation, participation, and nursing competency development. 1. Describe how you determined which public official to contact about your advocacy topic. If you were able to meet with the official, describe briefly the meeting with the public official. To determine which public official to contact, we used the online district finder called Who Represents Me? from the Minnesota State Legislature website (2016). We determined that we would use the state senator within Ashley’s district and include her address on the letter. We were unable to meet with the elected official, so we chose to send a letter with an enclosed brochure regarding the use of Narcan for opioid overdose, which is a growing epidemic within Minnesota and across the country. Unfortunately, only thirteen police departments in Minnesota routinely carry Narcan (NCHRC, n.d.). We wanted to bring the attention of this issue to Katie Sieben, Minnesota Senator for District 54. 2. Give examples of how you have started to develop one or more of following PHN competencies.…show more content…
Human rights and social justice are an important component to public health (Schoon, Kleinfehn-Wald, & Kyarsgaard, 2011). Due to the increasing epidemic of opioid overdoses, it is a human right to have the necessary health care resources available. With Narcan being carried by emergency professionals there is a greater chance of survival for those individuals who have overdosed. To advocate for this human right, we researched evidenced based practices and presented it in a letter to communicate the importance of policy changes to carry Narcan. In doing this we started the development of both competencies six and eleven by communicating needs and participating in the political process (Schoon, Schaffer, Brueshoff, Aims, & Kyarsgaard,
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