Nursing Concepts And Its Relation With Core Nursing Values

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Nursing Concepts Scholarly Paper Introduction Caring has been described as the basis of nursing profession (Riley, 2012). -empathy is a primary ingredient in helping relationships? The aim of this paper will be to demonstrate a further understanding of nursing concept and its relation with core nursing values. With my clinical practice experience and gathered knowledge I will further explore one of these core values that encompasses caring in nursing. The concept that will be investigated in this paper is empathy. Patient situation With my clinical placement being in the cardiology unit at Hamilton General I have been exposed to a variety of acute circumstances that required continuous critical thinking skills. Thus, with periods of such high demand and acute care situations it becomes undoubtedly difficult at times to acknowledge the patient as a whole and understand their story. Dealing with an acute patient population and continuous turn over rate it was visible to me that providing therapeutic relationship was not a priority on this unit, displaying empathy was easily missed and consequently, affecting the patient care that was being provided. Herewith, I will explain my particular patient encounter that stemmed my topic of choice on empathy. I had been assigned to a 96 year old patient with a diagnosis of failure to cope. Prior to entering the patient’s room I had made a mental assessment through my personal research and verbal report that he was known to be a

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