Nursing Delegation Case Study

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Delegation: Case study of Ms. R and Ms. W One possible obstacle in the facilitation of interdisciplinary care is that staff members simply do not know about the available resources that they can offer to their clients. They may be aware that a nutritionist is on the staff, but are unclear how the nutritionist can help a client such as Ms. R, who may need advice about modifying her diet to ensure a healthy pregnancy. From the very beginning of their tenure at the organization, all new staff members should be oriented in the resources available at the facility. Regular meetings should be held involving all staff members to discuss how to better coordinate care for patients, and common issues all staff members deal with serving the community at large. To facilitate the teamwork from 'day one' of a staff member joining the clinic, an orientation program in basic concepts regarding intercultural concerns; healthcare in a multicultural context, and team communication on a theoretical and practical level should be given. Ms. W may not be fully aware of all of the supportive services that could help facilitate reaching the goals she has set for Mrs. R. There may also be an issue of personal pride and a desire to 'do it all herself.' Ms. W will need both logistical and emotional support. Cultural barriers can impede optimal care-giving just as much as more practical issues such as time and money. Ms. R may feel that the nurse does not understand her situation as a client because
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