Nursing Diagnosis Assessment Data Planning

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Gina Fabbro – Care Plan 1 : Ineffective Coping
Ineffective coping r/t past situational crises, unresolved emotional conflict between patient and wife, destructive behavior towards self, increased depressive state and unpredictable episodes of anger and aggression s/t sleep apnea AEB disturbed images of past crises, demands on family imposed by the patients current condition, increased state of depression, disturbed sleeping patterns since returning from deployment, a torn ligament in wrist from episode of anger and aggression, presence of tension headaches, increase use of alcohol during the week and unable to identify triggers leading to angry and aggressive episodes.

A. Patient risk factors include the patients current state of his family, the unknown knowledge of angering triggers or stimuli, the image of the truck full of dead bodies that keeps surfacing, the increase in the patients use of alcohol, and patients current state of trying to quit smoking.
B. Patient exemplifies strengths such as having an open mind pertaining to the program. Also patient has motivation for seeking help in order to maintain his family.
C. Patient limitations include the inability to control angry outbursts, immobility of right wrist, and facility protocols restricting patient freedom. For example, taking away shoes with laces for the gym due to risk of suicide.
D. Subjective Data:
When asked about the circumstances…
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