Nursing Diagnosis : Health Assessment Essay

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Concept –4 Nursing diagnosis This concept is taken from “ Health assessment” module no.3 and entitled as “Health assessment in nursing process” Introduction The practice of nursing involves the provision of comprehensive nursing care to clients based on knowledge from biological, physical and social sciences. Integral to the practice of nursing is the nursing process, an activity that facilitates the nurse 's interaction with clients in an effort to assist the clients to maintain and restore health. A nursing diagnosis is a statement that describes the client 's actual or potential responses to a health problem that the nurse is licensed and competent to treat. Eg. Impaired skin integrity related to decreased mobility and risk for infection related to poor nutritional intake. 1.1 Personal Context: I believe that nursing diagnosis has an inevitable part in healthcare. While i do nursing care i made a proper nursing care plan including assessment, goals, nursing diagnosis, interventions and evaluations. A Nursing diagnosis provide the basis for selection of nursing intervention to achieve outcome for which the nurse is accountable. Outcomes and interventions are selected in relationship to particular nursing diagnosis. The reason for formulating a nursing diagnosis after analyzing assessment data are to identify the health problems involving the client and family and to provide direction for nursing care. The nursing diagnosis statement is written in terms of a client
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