Nursing Dilemmas And Mental Capacity Essay

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Nursing dilemmas and Mental Capacity


The aim of this essay is to presents a critical analysis over the nursing dilemmas around capacity and her limitation by presenting example from the author’s practical experience. The names of the patients will be replaced with pseudonyms for confidentiality purposes according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC(2015) Code of Conduct. Consent is often misunderstood. Mental Capacity is a complex topic and often health professionals tend to provide treatment which may be in the patient 's best interests but not always in accordance with his will and preferences thus adhering to Personal-Centred Approach. Further will be discussed Assessment of capacity and risk assessment, The Principle of Best Interests, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards(DOLS), accepting Advanced decisions if they are in place. Moral and ethical considerations asociated with mental capacity will be presented throughout the essay.

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1) Consent
DEF: represents an ethical parameter of the humans rights for an individual to make an informed decision regarding a specific procedure or a treatment (Buka 2015). Furthermore, the information provided by the health professionals should include all benefits especially the risks and alternatives treatments in order to empowers the individual to be autonomous in the decision making process (Wilhite 2010) and therefore consent is not just a signed document. EG:

2) Capacity/

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