Nursing Education System: A Comparison of Nigeria and Poland

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Government and Nursing Organizations Influencing Nursing Education: Comparison of Nigeria and Poland. The nursing education system in Nigeria has a rich heritage. The country had a host of tribal practices such as Traditional Birth Attendants, witchdoctors, and herbalists that were generally phased out by church hospitals (Mule, 1986). Not all Kenyans believed in the practices and there are still several ancient practices that can be found today. A Kenyan Enrolled Nursing Course was started in 1959 and initially required eight to twelve years of school education to complete but was eventually lengthened to meet the country's increasing medical demands (Mule, 1986). There are 13 government Enrolled Community Nurse Training schools and some church hospitals still train nurses as well. Therefore there are combinations of educational programs in the system and there doesn't seem to be in the way of a university based educational format nor is there any opportunities for post-graduate education for nurses available in this country. Poland faced an entirely different set of challenges in the history of the contemporary nursing educational systems development. Nursing programs had a relatively early develop in Poland started offering formal education programs in the country in 1911; much earlier than in Nigeria. This program consisted of a two year independent nursing school and it is interesting to note that 1911 also correspond to the official year that Poland became a

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