Nursing Education : The Continuum Of Education In Nursing

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At the beginning, I entered into the class with a blank stare and an open mind not knowing what to expect. Fifteen weeks later, it is clear that I have learned a substantial amount of information that I will use throughout my other nursing courses along with the remainder of my nursing career. A review of Concepts: Professionalism, Modules #1 and #2, with reasons of becoming a nurse was a great way to start the semester. As Beck, (2000) p 320 explains in one of her studies, “Nursing students chose nursing for job opportunities/security, the most frequently cited reason followed by helping others and working with people. Previous interest in science, family influences and previous job experience in health care were the fourth, fifth, and sixth most frequently cited reasons for choosing nursing as a career”. Along with job security and helping others, I have learned that the “profession of nursing is more than ever requiring the education of well-trained, flexible and knowledgeable nurses who can practice in today’s evolving healthcare environment” Black, (2017) p1. As a Registered Nurse working at a local hospital, I can agree that with the many changes in healthcare, continuing and advancing my education is a benefit for my career as well as my employer. This continuum of education will lead to improve professional nursing practice and better long term outcomes for patients and their families. Ultimately, this is the reason to become a nurse. Once practicing, nurses
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