Nursing Education and Curricula

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NURSING EDUCATION AND CURRICULA On what basis may decisions be made about the inclusion in the curriculum of specific subject content? Generally, education program administrators incorporate evolving professional development requirements and current professional certification and credentialing requirements for the jobs for which students will be applying and for the professions that students will be entering. They also incorporate external information about the quality of the existing program from reports about the relative success of recent new hires. What stage of the planning process do you consider to be the most important? While all of the planning stages are important, the Implementation stage might be the most important because it represents the culmination and the purpose of the entire strategic planning process. It consists of at least four components (communicating, managing, supervising, and monitoring) that are important both individually and in combination and relation to one another. What are examples of integrated teaching and learning between or among disciplines? Generally, academic skills such as research and writing are taught separately from clinical nursing skills. However, the integrated teaching approach allows educators to maximize the value of research and writing in the nursing curriculum by coordinating the instruction in those scholarly activities into an integrated model that connects them directly to clinical practice. How may an
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