Nursing Essay: Patient Assessment

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This piece of work will be based on the pre-assessment process that patients go through on arrival to an endoscopy unit in which I was placed in during my second year studying Adult diploma Nursing. I will explore one patient’s holistic needs, identifying the priorities of care that the patient requires; I will then highlight a particular priority and give a rational behind this. During an admission I completed under the supervision of my mentor I was pre-assessing a 37 year old lady who had arrived to the unit for an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. During the pre-assessment it was important that a holistic assessment is performed as every patient is an individual with unique care needs as the patient outline in this piece of work has…show more content…
In accordance with the NMC 2008 where it states that nurses must protect and promote dignity all pre-assessments are carried out in a private room (NMC 2008). My mentor and I were made aware by the reception staff before that the patient has learning disabilities. I ensured that I used short sentences and the appropriate language. I also ensured that the patient was given the time to process what was being said to her. During the assessment I was keen to make sure that the patient was clear about what the procedure involves and the routine of the day, throughout the assessment I was concerned that while I believe the patient did understand the Procedure, I was concerned as to whether all the possible complications and post procedure instructions were fully understood, I was also concerned as to whether the patient had the ability to communicate any concerns she may have, the patient also has hypertension. The priorities of care with this patient is monitoring her blood pressure throughout her time within the unit, the ability to understand the procedure and capacity to consent, also communication barriers both of which relate to her learning disabilities. I believe that the key priority for this patient is her learning disabilities and communication barriers, as it is vital that the patient is entirely aware of the procedure. Carrying out nursing assessment is an essential part of every nurse’s

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