Nursing: Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Nursing: Essential Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Introduction Nursing Is Not Just a Collection of Tasks. to Provide Safe and Effective Care to the Clients, Nurses

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One of the major aspects of traditional epistemology, and its manifestation in artificial intelligence research and the philosophy of mind is its emphasis on the formal system of deduction and premises and propositional knowledge. Hubert and Stuart Dreyfus argue that this formal system of deduction is one of the problems with traditional epistemology, since much of our sense of judgment and the process which we go through to form beliefs is not a matter of starting with premises and by plugging them into a formula in order to deduct conclusions. But rather it is a gradual process that involves being embodied in different ways and developing skills that would make it
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During the third stage, competence, the agent starts becoming personally involved with the task. He starts to see more than one option from which he has to choose the best one. For instance, at some point he realizes that he can either take away the opponent’s knight, or he can give up his own knight but take the opponent’s queen. In the forth stage or proficiency stage, the performer, while intuitively understanding his task, still thinks analytically about his actions. For instance, despite having so much experience in chess, he might still have to think and consider alternative moves in critical situations by predicting what the opponent is going to play next. The last stage is called expertise. Experts in general know what to do based on mature understanding of the task. An expert has had so much experience with the task that the skill of doing the task is a part of him.
He acts upon correct intuitions without analytically thinking about his every move. For instance in chess, he has had so much experience playing that no matter what the arrangement of the chess pieces are, it is highly likely that he has been in the same situation before and is able to decide what the right move is in a real short amount of time. They also emphasize on the fact that practice is required for the agent to maintain the