Nursing Ethics: A Case Study

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Background The scenario in question involves a patient called Karen. We are looking at this issue from the eyes of an RN on a medical surgical ward. Karen is 20 years old, female, and has been admitted for a series of bruises and cuts. Some of the cuts are so severe they require antibiotics. Karen is clearly in pain, but also needs to vent and download information. You quiet her concerns the best way possible, but also have other patients to attend. During the course of your shift, you notice another nursing colleague intentionally engaging Karen. When you check on the situation, the feeling is tenuous and the patent responds to the question as opposed to the colleague, suggesting something conspiratorial in their behavior. Question 1 - The modern nurse's role is not limited only to assist the doctor in procedures, however. Instead, the contemporary nursing professional takes on a partnership role with both the doctor and patient as advocate caregiver, teacher, researcher, counselor, and case manager. Under the paradigm of quality health care, modern nurses should interpret this as "quality patient care" which comprises three important factors sound theoretical knowledge of the latest medical procedures, information and innovations; superior communication skills that are multi-culturally based; and the ability to empathize appropriately with the patient and family to buttress the role of caregiver. The necessity for modern nurses is to be far more than ever more of a

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