Nursing Ethics Case Study Essay

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An ethical dilemma is defined as a mental state when the nurse has to make a choice between the options and choices that he or she has at her disposal. The choice is a crucial task as the opting of the step will subsequently determine the health status of the concerned patient, hence it requires a great deal of wisdom along with proper medical and health training before any such step is opted as it is a matter of life and death. Strong emphasis should therefore be on the acquisition of proper knowledge and skills so that nurses do posses the autonomy to interact with patients regarding ethical issues involved in health care affairs and address them efficiently. It is normally argued that nurses are not provided sufficient
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(David, Diane and Aroskar, 2010)
Apart from all this, there are however situations where such dilemmas are properly addressed and the patient automatically demonstrates a prompt tendency to show recovery from the disease he or she was initially suffering from.
Ethical Dilemma Case
The case of ethical dilemma concerns a fifty-year old woman who was admitted in the hospital complaining of vomiting, indigestion and weight loss signs and symptoms. After conducting barium X-Ray and gastroscopy it was found out by doctors that the patient was suffering from malignant kind of gastric carcinoma and hence further diagnosis and treatment will have to be conducted in relation to the disease the patient was suffering from. Doctors suggested a palliative surgery for reducing stenosis but felt it before time to disclose this information to the patient which was cemented after proper consultation with the patient’s husband who said that her wife would overreact in a situation like this as she had a phobia regarding tumors and cancer diseases.
A junior staff nurse was employed to take care of the patient who after one week of the surgery had developed a very close relationship of understanding and care with each other through the proper usage of ethical values related to physical care and pleasing attitude towards the patient. After three days, the nurse was shifted to day duty and was very hospitably and lovingly greeted by the patient
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