Nursing Ethics

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As a nurse, the cornerstone of my vocation is that of healing and comforting. As a human being first and as a nurse, I have always had a burning desire to perfect nature. This, I have shared with other scientists who have gone great lengths in their methodical pursuit of useful knowledge to make their dreams real. I have always endeavored to shield scientific inquiry from utilitarian purposes (President's Council on Bio-Ethics, 2009).
Personal values and culture My pursuit of knowledge enables me to better the lives of the vulnerable, mortal human body under my care. As a nurse I feel compelled to ease suffering occasioned by disease and death to the sick and the dying who want delivery from their miseries. As a caregiver, my profession comes with a lot of challenges bearing in mind that I am prone to natural shock that flesh is heir to. However, because it is a call, I always draw strength from the fact that my vocation is founded on the principle of healing and comforting. In the process of healing and comforting, I normally endeavor to apply dietetic measures with a primary goal of benefiting those under my care to the best of my ability and judgment. Keeping them from harm and injustice has been my primary objective.
I have never contemplated giving them a deadly drug even when asked to do so nor have I ever thought of making a suggestion to that effect. This also entails procuring abortion for an expectant woman because I want…

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