Nursing Expanded the Medical Field

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In the history of nursing, nursing has expanded the medical field. The development of nursing began with Antebellum Nursing and Civil War Nursing. Those periods have made nursing what it is today. There were many challenges that were faced. Some failed, and some were accomplished, but that didn’t stop nurses from gaining the respect they deserved. The battles women fought have made nursing one of the most appreciated occupations a person can have. Nursing as a professional occupation was born. The birth of nursing began with Florence Nightingale, A British Nurse and hospital reformer. Florence discovered modern nursing during the Crimean War. She believed that nursing was a moral practice and the ill or injured needed to be cared for. In 1873, Florence Nightingale established the first school of nursing, The Bellavue Hospital School of Nursing in New York City. The inspiration of Nightingale’s first nursing school influenced other schools to establish an educational system throughout New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The belief of well-educated women using scientific principles would educate them about health lifestyles and how it could dramatically improve the care of the sick patients. By the 1960’s, the education of nursing started to develop graduate education. At the end of the nineteenth, the entire Western world shared Nightingale’s belief in the worth of educated nurses. During the Antebellum period, the term nurse was typically described as someone
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