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In this era of increasing medical technology, changing modes of communication and the expansion of nursing professional roles, ethical, legal and social issues in nursing are increasing. Nurses operate in situations that put them under ethical, legal and social challenges on a daily basis. These issues are linked to legislative changes and ethics of medical technologies geared towards helping nurses to provide better healthcare, for patients. They govern issues of confidentiality, practice, medical issues and the expectations the society has put on nurses. The nursing profession has had radical development and change since its inception. Technology has contributed much to the development of nursing as a profession Changing societal…show more content…
In the healthcare domain, information technology refers to computer-based systems that offer assistance in the management and processing of information that help in the support of health care and delivery. It encompasses systems for clinical planning, care delivery, handling of patient records, patient education, healthcare research and diagnostics and therapeutics (Cowen & Moorhead, 2006). An example of a current information technology use in the nursing profession involves the use of computers by nurses, in their workplace. Most nurse-work related responsibilities and issues are handled by computer advanced and related technologies. Nurses use electronic means to save patient health records (Cowen & Moorhead, 2006). In the previous years, nurses used to record patient health records on paper documents and file them. This tiresome and bulky procedure wasted a lot of time especially when searching for specific information about a certain patient (Ball, 2010). However, information technology has provided an adequate way that has provided nurses with an easy way, to record patient data. Nurses use the computer to save patient health records and access the records easily when needed. This is a significant development in the nursing profession because it has made the procedure easy and allows nurses to use little time when locating patient health records. For instance, the United Kingdom made use of information technology and ensured that it made all patient records

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