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When you work in the medical field as a nurse it is a very rewarding career. Having a passion or desire to take care of the sick or needy is a clear choice to pursue a career in nursing. As an individual who has this passion I understand the benefits and heartfelt content that comes with being a nurse. There are many men and woman out there that share the same passion and kind heartedness that I have. They are rewarded with smiles and hugs and from knowing they helped an individual or family through a hardship or sickness. R.N.s or Registered nurses are the professionals who specialize in the care and support of patients in various medical settings. They perform a variety of tasks from assisting doctors, administering medications, and…show more content…
The top goal is a BSN which is offered at large colleges or universities and typically are four year programs. Next is the AND program, this is available at community colleges or junior colleges, which takes two to three years to complete. Last there is a diploma program that is offered at certain hospitals but is not typically offered anymore, this can take up to three years to complete if you can find one. Individuals who choose to complete a BSN degree have more training in areas that are becoming more of a problem in today’s world. These degrees offer more clinical experience in non hospital settings and help prepare you for better wages and just plain better jobs. One in which whom completes any of these three program options gives themselves a path to any entry level position as a staff nurse. I also asked my interviewee about what it took for her educational wise to obtain her degree. She told me that she went straight from high school and obtained her C.N.A license. She received her training from Indiana Business College which is now Harrison College In 2000. At that time she thought she would be satisfied with her position but soon came to realize that in her opinion C.N.A‘s were not adequately compensated for their work. One of her supervisors urged her to continue her education and pursue an R.N degree. This initially led her to enroll in classes
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