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Tell me about yourself. People consider me as a caring, patient, friendly, and responsible person. I am very energetic; whenever I start working on something I never want to give up. I have a passion for becoming a nurse since I enjoy helping people around me. I get along with others very well, which make me always being cooperative with my co-workers and work with them toward a share goal. I graduated from Highline Community College last year with honor degree. Even though I already obtained my AA degree in Pre-Nursing, gaining my knowledge in the medical field is not enough for me. I want to gain more clinical patient experience and help people with all my heart. In order to strengthen my clinical experience, I also took the CNA class…show more content…
CNA training gave me many working experiences such as being gentle when helping people with hygiene care in order to make them feel comfortable and safe when I assist them. I believe that experience will build confidence. I remember the first time when I was on training at Nursing Homes, I felt like an alien being preoccupied with a strange world. I couldn’t even doing a simple task such as bathing the residents. I got used to it soon after a few days working with residents. The more I work with residents at Nursing Homes, the more confident I feel when performing CNAs tasks. With experience, all the equipment in nursing homes won’t be so foreign anymore. I know how to take a blood pressure, bathe and feed residents, help them walk and even talk to residents who feel alone. CNAs job is not easy. CNAs get to interact with patients, often more than the nurse does. I acknowledge this CNA job can train me to become a better, helpful nurse in the future. Besides working at Stafford suites, I also enjoy volunteering at Highline Medical Center. I always want to keep my life busy with patients and residents as well as preparing myself for a future career. I watched a nurse conducting a patient assessment and witness a nurse giving a resident treatment. I’ve learned how to communicate and interact with patients such as irritable elderlies. From helping the elderlies, I’ve realized it is very important to be patient
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