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Christina Leach Term paper November 9, 2010 English 8 Credit Recovery I. Introduction A. Why I have chosen this career? 1. Interested in this field 2. The helping of others II. The job A. Requirements 1. Schooling 2. Volunteer hours B. Expectations 1. Practice III. Different fields & pay rates A. Kinds of nurses B. There requirements (what extra classes they may need to take) C. The pay rates for different fields of nursing. Becoming a nurse or helping people has always been something I’ve enjoyed most, this is why I’ve chosen nursing as an interest in my life. The thing that made me interested in this field, I would have to say: the parts of making someone…show more content…
The next one I would like to talk about is an RN. Registered nurses work duties but may vary depending on the specialty; however in most cases the nurse is responsible for the daily care of any admitted patient. This can include medication settings, IVs, giving shots, updating records, providing educational support, basic diagnostics, and any other patient procedures. Physically nurses could be a major taxing career because of the requirements in this field, such as working, lifting patients, stretching, bending, and also it may require long days and varies different schedules. Another thing is that the nurses that are employed by the hospital or extended hours the facilities that frequently working twelve hour shifts or are on call duties. They may even have to work night, weekends or maybe even holidays. (University of Phoenix2) The education that is required to become a CNA is Medical and Health Professions Studies, Nursing Assistant or Patient Care Assistant Studies and Nursing profession. The minimum eligibility requirements must be a high school graduate or have completed the GED. (University of Phoenix2) There are different types of degrees, there’s a masters degree which would involve taking a Master of Science in Nursing, MS in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner, MS in Nursing-Informatics, MS in Nursing and Health Administration, MS in Nursing and Health Care Education MS in Nursing and MBA in Health Care
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