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Reflecting on Nursing Foundations of Community Health Week 2 Reflection: Nursing Foundations of Community Health Alicia C. Byrd, RN Walden University NURS 6150 Section 11, Promoting and Preserving Health in a Diverse Society March 13, 2011 Reflecting on Nursing Foundations of Community Health Community health nursing can work in the government, private agencies, clinics or other private settings. Nurses in this field focus on populations, working with individuals, groups and families to attempt to improve the healthcare in a community setting. This paper will reflect from two articles assigned in this week’s learning resources by acknowledging two historical nurses that guided the way to promote healthier communities. This…show more content…
Leininger's theory brought the role of cultural issues into the nursing practice that will help discuss how to attend to the needs of those requiring nursing care from other countries. Leininger’s theory is based on the “quality of life that represents the values, beliefs, symbols and patterned expressions from a particular culture” (Plummer, & Molzahn, 2009). Therefore, Leininger’s theory became an innovative practice that was used as guide to promote healthier individuals of any particular culture without discriminating them unintentionally (Plummer, & Molzahn, 2009). Relevance of Nightingale and Leininger’s Teachings in today’s Society and OR Nursing Nightingale made a very important discovery with her finding new ways to decrease the infection rate on patients. Nightingale’s discovery is still applicable and relevant not only in today’s society, but especially in the perioperative nursing field. By Nightingale, paving the way to introduce sterile technique has shown not only how the rate of infection can decrease in the OR, but decrease the occurrence of surgical site infections. Lastly, Nightingale also taught us through her innovative holistic nursing approach that by providing clean warm blankets to our surgical patients has not only provide comfort to them but it also promotes trust between the nurse and patient relationship. Leininger’s transcultural

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