Nursing Has Evolved from Being an Occupation to Being a Profession and an Academic Discipline.

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During the past decade nurse theorists and educationalists have been attempting to establish nursing as an academic discipline Nurse education is rapidly moving away from a single scientific or technical colleges of nursing into institutes of higher education. In this paper I had the privilege to discuss how Nursing has evolved from being an occupation to being a profession and an academic discipline.
According to the Collins English Dictionary,
An occupation isa person's regular work or profession; job or principal activity, any activity on which time is spent by a person, the act of occupying or the state of being occupied, the control of a country by a foreign military and the period of time that a nation, place, or position is
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Related to it is also the word disciple as in the disciples of Jesus. A dictionary definition will give a whole range of quite different meanings of the term from training to submission to an authority to the control and self-control of behavior. As a verb it means training someone to follow a rigorous set of instructions, but also punishing and enforcing obedience.The medical meaning of discipline is a medical regimen imposed by a doctor on a patient to the patient’s benefit. It follows that the academic discipline can be seen as a form of specific and rigorous scientific training that will turn out practitioners who have been disciplined by their discipline for their own good. In addition, discipline also means policing certain behaviors or ways of thinking. Individuals who have deviated from their discipline can be brought back in line or excluded. As a result, there is an important moral dimension to discipline that defines how people should behave or think.
As previously mentioned, the term academic discipline certainly incorporates many elements of the meaning of discipline. At the same time, it has also become a technical term for the organization of learning and the systematic production of new knowledge. Often disciplines are identified with taught subjects, but clearly not every subject taught at university can be called a discipline. There is more to disciplines than the fact that something is a subject taught in an academic setting. In

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