Nursing : Health Cooperation, And Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Care

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Vincennes University, St. Mary’s Health Cooperation, and Personal: Philosophy of Nursing Care
Nursing philosophies are used by many institutions and places of employment. It is important that student nurses and nurses read and gain knowledge from their facilities nursing philosophy. Philosophies give the nurse a guideline of how their facility defines the aspects of nursing and what is expected of them as nurses of that facility. It is essential for nurses to go back after they have graduated from nursing school and reread the nursing philosophy and compare it to the nursing philosophy of their new place of employment to know the similarities and differences of how the two facilities view the nursing profession. Below is the explanation of how the philosophies of the Nursing School at which I attended and the hospital at which I wish to be employed have affected me, and how these two philosophies compare and contrast. Also, there is a personal philosophy explaining my views and expectations of different aspects of the nursing profession.
Vincennes University’s Nursing Philosophy is based on the beliefs of the faculty. Multiple nursing based healthcare organizations’ theories of nursing and standards of care influence VU’s Nursing Philosophy (2014). VU’s Nursing Philosophy has made a large impact on me as a student, because I have used it as a guideline of expectations of successful nurses and for successful completion of nursing school. I also plan…

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