Nursing : Health Cooperation, And Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Care

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Vincennes University, St. Mary’s Health Cooperation, and Personal: Philosophy of Nursing Care
Nursing philosophies are used by many institutions and places of employment. It is important that student nurses and nurses read and gain knowledge from their facilities nursing philosophy. Philosophies give the nurse a guideline of how their facility defines the aspects of nursing and what is expected of them as nurses of that facility. It is essential for nurses to go back after they have graduated from nursing school and reread the nursing philosophy and compare it to the nursing philosophy of their new place of employment to know the similarities and differences of how the two facilities view the nursing profession. Below is the
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Although the client’s needs vary largely throughout their lifespan VU’s Nursing Philosophy supports their right to determine and actively participate in reaching their own health goals (2014). Vincennes University’s Nursing Philosophy defines health as any point of being between death and an optimal level of wellness (2014). This affects me as a nursing students because promotion, restoration, and maintaining the optimal level of wellness is the goal of nursing, this results from positive adaption between the client and the environment (Vincennes University, 2014). The environment can be defined as any external or internal aspect of the client, this is ever-changing as the world around us changes (Vincennes University, 2014). Teaching/learning is one of the major aspects of Vincennes University Nursing Philosophy that helped me be a successful nursing student, stating that a learner should be self-directed, self-motivated, and assume responsibility for their own learning (2014). The major point made in VU’s Nursing Philosophy that I still use is nursing education. Nursing education is ongoing and lifelong learning with the goals of being able to apply the information learned into the clinical setting, the ability to competently perform nursing skills, and advance to a higher level of thinking (2014).
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