Nursing Home Project Analysis

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This project was an enjoyable one for me. It provided a real need for considering what being in an elderly person’s shoes would be like, reflecting here on communication and mobility. Although we did age simulation activities and saw videos of such in the semester, I hadn’t remembered to bring that knowledge base to the project at the time of making it. What I did rely on, was the first hand experience of visiting an elderly home, as my grandma on my dad’s side lives in a home, and has moved from one home to another, providing me with references for the design of the project. Having to think about what, essentially, I would want in a nursing home that could accommodate any possible disabilities, both for me and others, wasn’t all that difficult, but it wasn’t easy either.…show more content…
As can be seen on our poster board, we went about highlighting the dislikes and fears associated with homes we’ve visited, and then highlighted that which we would do differently. Among that which we would do differently was enhanced communication throughout the facility and rooms via intercom systems, thoughtfulness into mobility by having large handicapable bathrooms throughout the facility hallways and rooms, having the building plan set on one level to stray away from stairs and elevators, intricacies of the facility, the rooms and Square, number of laundry rooms throughout the facility, number of rooms for the different activities offered in the entertainment area, 24/7 accessibility to the kitchen for vending machine purposes and appliance use, and number of hot meals served per day in the kitchen by staff. Our nursing home was based on a simplistic model that included high-tech amenities ranging from the intercom systems to automatic sliding room doors for residents with the swipe of their ID card past the ID card recognition
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