Nursing Informatics As A Specialty Essay

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3.2.0 SOCIAL CONTEXT: 3.2.1 Nursing Informatics as a Specialty Nursing’s social contract reflects the profession’s long-standing core values and ethics, which provide grounding for health care in society. It is easy to overlook this social contract underlying the nursing profession when faced with challenges of the current technology like nursing informatics. One should be competent in nursing informatics so that nothing goes wrong when clients knows that the services are using telehealth and is assured of confidentiality and services. 3.2.2. Use of Computers a Necessity in Health Care Use of Computers a Necessity in Health Care means Information and information exchange are crucial to the delivery of health care at all levels of the health care delivery system—the patient, the care team, the health care organization, and the encompassing political-economic environment. To ensure this is happening we should be using computer technology in all aspects concerning the patients care. The use of the computers is necessary for current, competent and satisfying health services. 3.2.3 The Open Source Soft Ware In Nursing Most nurses have at least some experience with software in health. However, in addition to health available software, there is a growing number of open source learning software being developed. Open source is a very unique movement begun by developers who wished to offer their creations to others “for the good of the community” and encouraged them to do the same.
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