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c) acknowledge the importance of developing nursing informatic knowledge, theory and practical skills. d) recognize the need to develop competency in nursing informatics theory and practice. In Preparation 1. READ: Hebert, M. (1999). National Nursing Informatics Project Discussion Paper Ottawa: CNA 2. READ: CNA. (2001). What is Nursing Informatics and why is it so important? Canadian Nurses Association Bulletin: Nursing Now, Number 11, September. 3. BROWSE: CNIA. (2003). Educating Tomorrow's Nurses: Where is Nursing Informatics?. Available online at In Practice 1. Reflect on how initiatives regarding Nursing Informatics impact on your education and preparation for becoming a practicing registered nurse in the Philippines? 2. Create a personal strategy plan for incorporating the information in the CNA Discussion Paper into your nursing education and future practice. 3. In a group setting, discuss the impact of technology and informatics on society at large. How can nurses help their clients to utilize technology in a safe and empowering fashion? In Reflection 1. Examine your own feelings about developing competency in nursing informatics. 2. What issues come to mind when you reflect on the need for all Filipino nurses to become cognizant and skilled in nursing informatics? 3. How will nursing education change as nursing informatics becomes a strong foci

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